I offer services as a coach, consultant, mentor, performer, producer and educator. If you’d like to work together in any capacity, send me a message! Click on the headings below to find out more.

Coach and Performer photos by Dario Acosta
Mentor, Consultant, Producer, and Educator photos by Fay Fox


We, as performers, are constantly giving. To balance this out, we need a mechanism by which we can recharge, kind of like a performing artist’s equivalent of a Tesla Motors “Supercharger” that we can connect with on a regular basis to fulfill our needs, provide us with renewed enthusiasm, and generally keep ourselves healthy – both physically and mentally. The services I provide as a vocal coach are multi-specialized, a product of solid and proven instinct, years of language study, and the practical experience and understanding resulting from literally thousands of hours playing for almost every major voice teacher in North America, in addition to private working sessions with the likes of James Levine, Renata Scotto, Richard Bonynge, John Fisher, Carol Vaness, Sir Thomas Allen, James Morris, Ken Noda and Emmanuel Villaume.


Multiple opinions can be confusing, especially when they aren’t the most well-informed and, therefore, contradict our understanding of and relationship with our own bodies. Life in general can also be pretty confusing. Especially life as a performer, trying to figure out your own way in a world that is rapidly shifting and in which the old tried-and-true career trajectories/formulae are turning out to be much more ‘tried’ and far less ‘true.’ I’m happy to offer you my own advice, based on a philosophy that puts you – that is, your body, your spirit, and the convergence of these two elements that ultimately defines you as a unique artist – front and center.


Need something to punch? I’ll bring you a great punching bag or equivalent. Need to take 15 mins to get a cup of tea and chat about what to do next? I’ll be there. Basically like the consultancy service, but on a long-term, continuous basis.


Stages are amazing places, filled with all kinds of crazy energy. It’s up to us – the performers – to take that energy and use it to change lives and bring the house down. I always have felt that in a great collaboration on stage (with, say, a singer), it feels like we’re playing a game of Olympic ping-pong. We each take our own, personal journey through the music, staying within “Cooee!” of each other along the way, while taking our own spontaneous detours and throwing curve balls each other’s way – because that, in my experience, is how exhilarating, engaging, communicative performance is born.

Oh, and if you’re singing an audition and need a pianist, call me. My promise: you won’t spend $40 better anywhere else.


‘Producer’ is such a vague term. Suffice it to say that:

– I have arranged several hundred concerts – classical, pop, etc. – from the ground up, and performed in most of them. This includes two tours and a festival entitled Schubert & Co., which presented the complete songs of Franz Schubert in a series of 35 recitals, performed by 75 singers from around the globe, in a single season – for the first time ever in NYC (2012-’13).
– I run a private event entertainment service (non-erotic performing artists, in case you were wondering), called M.E.S.S. à la carte, that brings the world’s best performers into your home or office space and provides a hyper-exclusive, one-stop experience for you and your guests.
– I currently produce and host a podcast series called Operative, a weekly, wide-ranging forum on the opera industry that you can download FREE.
– I am producing and hosting an opera-related TV project currently in development – more info on that to come.
– I work with singers (mostly classical) to develop their artistic brand and strengthen their head/heart relationship. I am a firm believer in the idea that consistency is key to success, and it has been proven to me time and time again – but it’s difficult to be consistent when you don’t know what it is about what you do that makes you unique. These kinds of projects are intensive, and I approach them on a case-by-case basis.

If you’re interested in chatting about it, contact me.


We need show the youngest members of society where to find beauty in the world when they need it. I believe that the [seemingly increasing] civil unrest we see around us is exacerbated by the lack of this knowledge, resulting in frustration being voiced through violence. There is nothing I love more than introducing children to the beauty of music, and it takes just a few minutes to change the lives of hundreds of children gathered in an assembly hall. We need to bring music education back (in a real-life, experience-based context) and provide simple ideas and templates for teachers around the world who want to do their part but are in need of guidance.